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What are 5 effects of climate change?

What are 5 effects of climate change?

By daniele

Since Earthโ€™s formation 4.5 billion years ago, the climate has changed. Until recently, natural factors caused these shifts. Volcanic eruptions, changes in Earthโ€™s orbit, and crustal shifts are all-natural climatic impacts (plate tectonics). What are 5 effects of climate change? The Earth has gone through a series of ice ages, including cooler (glacial) and warmer (interglacial) times (interglacials). Changes in Earthโ€™s orbit around the sun create glacial and interglacial cycles every 100,000 years. A thermally stable interglacial period has lasted for thousands of years. The global temperature has risen dramatically since the Industrial Revolution in the 1800s. Human activity has fast become the primary source of climate change by burning fossil fuels and altering land use. Firstly, global climate change will impact human health. Numerous studies have shown that climate change affects human health and causes sickness. โ€œClimate change affects the health of northern populations like Nunavummiut, Canada,โ€ said Healey et al. 2010.โ€™s research article. Pielke Pache et. l(2005) studied the catastrophic effects of global warming on all. Defined as โ€œhigh amounts of surface ozone and particlesโ€ by Mickley, 2007 According to these studies, climate change threatens human health.ย 

There would be high risks of allergies, hypothermia, flu, asthma. Higher home insurance due to damages to homes via floods. The rise in taxes. In short a pricy living at higher charges and unhealthy environment.

Climate changes will impact biodiversity. Plants and animals need biodiversity to preserve their habitat and ecosystem. Unfortunately, climate change has impacted biodiversity loss. For example, water sources, food chains, and medicine sources may vary. The marine ecology will also be harmed by rising sea temperatures and acidification, weakening delicate ecosystems like coral reefs.ย 

As we can see, climate change has numerous negative repercussions on our environment, health, and biodiversity. If we do not stop climate change, our mother earth will get sicker. Also, if deforestation continues, it will have numerous negative effects on our ecology. Finally, climate change causes psychological issues like PTSD, stress, anxiety, and community violence. As a result, we must always know how to prevent climatic changes, such as stopping tree cutting, saving energy, carpooling, etc. So let us all work together to safeguard and love Godโ€™s beautiful mother earth and keep her healthy if we can.