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What are the three main goals of Sustainable Sydney 2030?

What are the three main goals of Sustainable Sydney 2030?

By daniele

Sydney 2030 is a long-term urban development strategy that aims to transform how we live, work, and play in the City, both now and in the future. The plan seeks to make Sydney a place where the environment is valued, and climate changes will not be badly affected. Where art and culture are promoted and supported, people feel at ease and connected to their community in a circular economy. The Sustainable Sydney 2030 development plan, presented by the City of Sydney Council in March 2008, emphasized the Cityโ€™s commitment to sustainable development.

  • The City found that sustainable development could enhance and minimize the Cityโ€™s environmental effect and boost economic growth and job creation, promote social fairness, and improve public health by working with important stakeholders and the general public.

Green, Global, and Connected are the three sections of the plan.

  • According to the visionโ€™s green section, Sydney will be regarded worldwide as an environmental leader, with outstanding environmental performance and innovative green businesses supporting economic growth. The Green vision also includes targets for lowering greenhouse gas emissions, shrinking the regionโ€™s urban footprint, and preserving native ecosystems.
  • According to the Sydney vision, Sydney will remain Australiaโ€™s most important global City and international gateway, with world-class tourism attractions and ongoing investment in cultural infrastructure, icons, and amenities. The necessity to accommodate commercial activities linked to high-quality jobs while also supporting the quality of life required to attract and preserve innovation is discussed in this section.
  • Sydney will be easy to travel around with a local network for walking and cycling and transport links connecting the Cityโ€™s villages, City Centre, and the remainder of Inner Sydney, according to the final vision component, Connected. The Cityโ€™s neighborhoods will be intense focus areas, and the City will be varied and inclusive, honoring and supporting its indigenous people, according to the Connected portion of the Sustainable Sydney 2030 vision. The section describes how the City intends to form partnerships and cooperate with other Australian and international cities for cultural, trade, and other exchanges and other Australian and international cities.
  • The Sustainable Development Plan also offered a framework for enacting policies to help the City reach several tangible and quantifiable targets by 2030.