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Climate change: technological solutions that could help

Climate change: technological solutions that could help

By daniele

The term β€˜technology’ refers to applying scientific knowledge for practical purposes and the machinery and devices developed as a result. We live in a period of rapid change life, where technological developments are revolutionizing how we live. Therefore, the need for action and innovation policies are on our outmost need list to combat Climate issues.

Direct Air Capture (DAC) :

It’s an Environmental Technology removing Carbon from the atmosphere by pulling it out directly. From the ambient air generating a concentrated stream of CO2, the air is then pushed through a filter with many large fans, where CO2 is removed. The technique used in vehicles ( annual emissions of 250,000 average cars.)

Solar panels and wind turbines :

Solar panels and wind turbines turn Sun and wind into electricity without releasing greenhouse gases. Moreover, it is cheap opens up a lot of possibilities. The only problem with it is no electricity generation without the Sun shining or wind blowing.

Batteries for electric vehicles

Β Lithium-ion batteries by The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, who worked in October for their work. They have revolutionized us with small and more petite in weight batteries, decarbonizing the transport sector by making electric vehicles cheaper. In addition, electric cars could act as a storage system, said to charge cars and sell electricity to the grid when demand is high.Β 

Power-to-X :

Another way to store renewable energy is using electrolyzers to extract hydrogen from water. A method of storing energy in different forms through water and collecting the hydrogen molecules that break off. It’s a great way to decarbonize the heating, mobility and chemical sector

Some other techs are Hydrogen Ships, electric planes reducing Co2 emissions, more miniature power Bulbs, Batteries.