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What is the green deal initiative

What is the green deal initiative

By daniele

The Green New Deal is a congressional resolution outlining a comprehensive strategy for combating climate change. For years, many versions of the plan have been floating about. Think tanks, the Green Party, and even New York Times writer Thomas L. Friedman have all proposed a Green New Deal to address climate change and prevent the ecology of our environment.

Purpose of Green Deal

The Green New Deal aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst effects of climate change while simultaneously attempting to address societal issues such as economic inequality. The resolution is based on two key reports from the United Nations and federal scientists released last year, which warned that if global temperatures continue to rise, the globe will face more violent heatwaves, wildfires, and droughts. According to the report, climate change might cost the US economy billions of dollars by the century. According to early estimates, carbon emissions are increasing, climbing by 3.4 percent in the United States last year and 2.7 percent globally.

Benefits of Green Dealย 

Supporters of the Green New Deal think that change must address poverty, wealth inequality, racial prejudice, and technology advancements.

  • It claims that by 2050, the entire world must achieve net-zero emissions, which means that as much carbon must be absorbed as is released into the atmosphere and that the United States must play a โ€œleading roleโ€ in reaching this goal.
  • The Green New Deal calls on the federal government to drastically decrease greenhouse gas emissions, generate high-paying jobs, make clean air, water, and healthy food fundamental human rights, and eradicate all forms of tyranny.
  • The plan calls for a โ€œten-year mobilizationโ€ to cut carbon emissions in the United States to reach those targets. It aims to generate 100 percent of the countryโ€™s electricity from renewable and zero-emissions sources, digitize the countryโ€™s power grid, upgrade every building in the country to be more energy-efficient, and overhaul its transportation system by investing in electric vehicles and high-speed rail.
  • To address social fairness, the resolution states that the governmentโ€™s responsibility is to provide employment training and new economic growth, particularly for areas that rely on jobs in the fossil fuel industry.