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World’s Most Polluted Cities in 2022

World’s Most Polluted Cities in 2022

By daniele

Air pollution comes from gas, coal, fuels burning on the Earth. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) study, air pollution kills approximately 8.7 million people around the globe. This means that all the population is breathing in the same polluted air, which causes many health issues like lung cancer, heart problems, especially respiratory issues.

This is so obvious that those less developing countries face more such kinds of problems. Recently IQ AIR has gathered the data of the most polluted cities globally. This company is producing air cleaning materials and also working against air pollution. These are some of the most polluted cities of the world in 2022:

  • Hotan- china,Β 
  • Ghaziabad, India,
  • Kanpur, India,
  • Hisar, India,
  • Kashgar, China,
  • Lahore, Pakistan.

There are different reasons for air pollution, including burning fossils fuels natural coal for warming homes. All this burning process causes emissions of other polluting gases, namely nitrogen oxide or carbon dioxide. These make such rays that are harmful to respiration.Β 

It is not just harmful to human beings; air pollution is also detrimental to the environment, making acid rain and developing diseases that are harmful to animals.

This issue can be tackled by gathering data from the most polluted cities, especially from the less privileged ones. Then, according to the gathering information, work can be done on what steps can be taken to finish the problems.Β 

As we can see from the above places, most of the cities belong to India. The reason behind this is the heavy traffics using diesel generators and the coal-burning as there are many poor families. The burning of waste materials is also the reason for air pollution.Β 

The government established the National Clean Air program, which seeks to reduce the pollution rate by 30% in upcoming years. There is a proper way to determine the quality of air. Ozone, Nitrogen, and carbon are components through which air is measured.

Like polluted areas, some places have clean air, water, and the entire environment, including France, Switzerland, and Denmark.Β Β Β Β Β