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How to build a homemade solar panel

How to build a homemade solar panel

By daniele

Humans live on this planet earth, and for better living, humans need the energy to be used in different ways for their wellbeing. We have two types of energy sources, renewable and nonrenewable energy sources. It can be defined as those sources that its use can deplete are nonrenewable, while those which are not consumed by their use are renewable sources of energy. Here, the topic under discussion is a solar panel and its production at home. Solar energy is a renewable source of energy where sun radiations are used or harnessed by humans being for the formation of electricity and many other works. A solar panel is designed to absorb the radiation coming from the sun and generate electricity from it. The electricity generated by solar panels is DC in nature which can be converted to AC by using an inverter.

We can make a simple solar panel at home very quickly. The main mechanism behind the formation of solar panels is to use such material that produces energy after a confrontation with sunlight. For example, we can make a solar panel by taking a simple copper board, tin metal, ferric chloride solution, and crystal silicon paste.

Once we have all the ingredients mentioned above, we have to take the copper board and make parallel lines on marker over it. Next, we have to dip the copper board in ferric chloride solution. After cleaning with alcohol, we have to wire the copper board with Tin very carefully not to mix. Then, we have to cover the board with silicon crystal paste and make it dry for 6 hours over 60 degrees Celsius. Now we have to wire two wires placed at positive and negative terminals of the board and keep them in front of sunlight. When sunlight strikes this particular hand, home, made solar panels, energy, and DC electricity will be produced.

That is how we can make a simple solar panel at home very quickly and cope with our small energy needs at home.