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What are 5 types of renewable energy?

What are 5 types of renewable energy?

By daniele

The energy which comes from natural operations and is continuously reloaded is called renewable energy. It has so many other names like green energy, clean energy etc.

This innovative approach is increasing day by day as it cuts down the price and costs and promises to convey clean energy in the future.

One main benefit of using renewable energy is replacing dirty fossils and emitting a small amount of carbon dioxide and other pollution.

But one point should be kept in mind that this energy is not helpful in every environment.Β 

There are different kinds of renewable energy; some of them are discussed below:

1) Solar Energy: from the past thousands of years, humans have been utilizing the energy from the Sun to grow their crops, keep their homes warm, and run businesses.

Solar cells are made up of silicon that changes sunlight directly into electricity. They have their solar farms, which give rise to power for many homes. They are in the form of panels usually placed on the rooftop. In addition, there are several community projects which provide electricity to the entire neighbourhood.

2) Wind Energy:

Wind energy contains turbines that come from old fashioned and were very wide in diameter. It is famous all over the world. They have a turbine blade turned by the wind, which directly delivers electric energy, which then causes electricity in return.

In a short time, it became the cheapest energy source produced globally. That’s why in 2017 total of 44.2% of this type of installation was made in Europe.

3) Hydroelectric Renewable Energy:

This type of energy is entirely dependent on high water pressure or fast flow. That’s why it has a limited percentage of growth.

Some scientists have aroused the point that hydroelectric is not renewable energy because they decrease the flow of water, which limits the entrance of water habitat animals or might cause damage to them.

4) Geothermal Renewable Energy:

This kind of energy is produced from beneath the earth. Wells are dug first to approach the hot rock and steam, which is then used to produce electricity connected to generators.Β 

5) Biomass Energy:Β 

Energy is used from living things; the ancient method used wood fire for cooking or warming. This is plant-based material used to produce electricity.