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Best weather apps for 2022

Best weather apps for 2022

By daniele

One cannot control the clouds to stop raining Sun to start shining, but we can prepare for precautionary measures. For example, avoid sudden lunch dates, shopping, and cancellations of sudden meetings. We will enjoy the clouds with a cup of tea and snacks rather than getting annoyed being stuck in a dusty wind and rain. The easy to use weather applications on the Andriod play store and IOS app store can alert you on time. It can help us keep an eye on whatโ€™s happening in the Sky, howโ€™s mother nature mood. Checking the forecast or radar for upcoming conditions is better than being annoyed and stuck in a hurricane.ย Without spending much time finding which application is the best, look at its design description, and you can easily choose. Have a look below at some of Best weather apps for 2022

Accu Weather:ย 

A comprehensive weather app, giving data to help you manage allergies, safe drive, or boost productivity. Both available on Android and iOS

Carrot Weather:

It draws data from Sky with pretty visual illustrations of 7 days forecast. You can use it as a Widget on the home screen, with new versions giving information about tide data. The premium features are notifications for rain, snow, lightning strikes and storms, reminders triggered by weather conditions, alerts about critical weather conditions. Platforms: Android, iOS

Dark Sky:

Dark Sky is a weather app bought by Apple to keep it exclusive to iOS started from august 1, 2020. It is not free, but the features are worth it. paid platforms: iOS

My Radar Weather Radar:

It gives quick and local forecasts, wind patterns and video content available for guide. Platforms: Android, iOS


It gives slick widgets that deliver weather information on hourly and weekly forecasts, views radar maps, and study the Sun and moonโ€™s positions. Platforms: Android, iOS

Air Quality App:

This air quality app from Plume Labs offers real-time, local pollution information. Platforms: Android

The Weather Channel:

The newest version of The Weather Channel gives hourly and daily forecasts, info and alerts about staying safe from both raging hurricanes and deadly viruses. It has a video section too. Platforms: Android, iOS

Weather Hi-Def Radar:

It gives the big picture From severe weather conditions, air quality, monitoring to tracking fires and lightning strikes worldwide. It has a GPS too. Platforms: iOS

What The Forecast:ย 

ย What makes it a good choice is it works, even design losing an internet connection. Platforms: Android, iOS