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What is Greta Thunberg’s thinking?

What is Greta Thunberg’s thinking?

By daniele

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish environmental activist who worked on the problem of climate change. She initiated a movement known as “Fridays for Future.” A sixteen-year girl who seeks to make a significant impact, spur the lawmakers, and address climate changes. Her movement is also known as the school strike for climate. After her quest for change, she sat outside the country’s parliament (2018) while missing her school. It was not just one day but also for weeks, and thus she would miss her school each Friday and continue her strike (School strike for climate change). Her action inspired so many people with a running time that she was supported by students marching for a strike named Fridays for the future.

These Fridays for future strikes were then held in many countries, Belgium, Canada, the US, Uk, Finland, Denmark, France, Netherlands. Greta delivered many speeches about climate change. Her comment about climate, greenhouse, and mass extinction in UN New York City initiated millions of protests in more than 163 countries, named the “Greta effect.” Her perception regarding climate change is something subjective phenomenon; she said it depends on how you see it; some know the climate crisis, others don’t. But crises should be seen as a crisis. Because if it is not dealt with, the public and political views would mean nothing; all that would matter is existence.

So to resist this existential crisis, the climate crisis should be dealt with as a crisis. Greta penned an open letter to the leaders for a safe climate future, not fueled by carbon emissions and fossil fuels. According to her, we have stopped thinking about sustainability; just talking about spreading green is not enough unless we understand the deep roots of caring for each other. Little by little, we can stop the climate emergency so that we all continue to run for the same goal. The fight for climate justice, social justice. As marching and protesting won’t have any positive results, my moves from eating meat and becoming a vegan won’t benefit the whole world unless each person has this sense of morality. For nearly three decades, the UN has been arranging the summits on global climate COPs – which stands for ‘Conference of the Parties.’ Climate change has gone from being a fringe issue to a worldwide priority in that time. Great called it a PR failure, where 

politicians and leaders just shared speeches, and this goes on. According to her, these summits would cost nothing if we continue using old methods. I am not the one to talk about what to do; it’s the duty of leaders. What these protests and events could do is mobilize people. Our future is in our hands, as we will not undo the damage that carbon emissions would do. So it is not a future problem but here and now.