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What are the types of climatic factor?

What are the types of climatic factor?

By daniele

Climate is the pattern of weather that any area is facing. There are a lot of factors which the climate of a particular region. Five of them are discussed below;

1) Latitude:

The latitude’s presence will decide which kind of weather they will have. If it gets direct sun rays, then they will face extreme hot if the latitude is at the distance then they will get no rays of it and events the weather will not hot.

2) Relief:

It plays a vital role in the factors of climate; if the region is in rain shadow are, then it will face more rain.

3) Altitude: 

As long as the altitude is high, there will be a decrease of one C, and temperature will  also be decreased by going towards height. That's why mountains are colder than plain areas.

4) Distance from the sea:

As the name suggests, the area which is the distance from the sea have extreme hot weather whereas those which are near to them will have pleasant weather most of the time.

5) Air Pressure:

When the air moves from a high-pressure area to low pressure one, this causes  wind. It depends on the hotter and collar pockets of air and fronts. Moisture accumulation occurs when the air pressure is low, which in return cause rain. Sun plays a vital role in climate change because the earth contains all types of energy in the form of rays or radiation. A total of 34 years are taken to establish the different weather conditions. Earth is a surface that continues facing changes that come from internal and external factors.

6) Vegetation:

Some screen discovers this new theory of trees, the area which has many greenery or trees in it they will have more photos process in the air which will cause more  evaporation that will lead to cloudier regions. The study of climate is called climatology. And the different estimations of the west are  called metrology.  So these are factors that you should keep in mind while travelling because they can  tell you about the types of preparations one should make before leaving somewhere.